Matt Light | Week 7 School

Matt Light, number 72 former player for the  New England Patriots he went here, to Greenville city schools. He graduated from Greenville high school. Right now I’m in the Jr high almost to the high school. Matt Light is 6’4″ and 304 lbs. He is married to Susie Light and graduated college from Purdue University. He now no longer plays football professionally, and has 3 children, Collin Light, William Light, and Gracie Light.He was born in June, 23 1978, and he is 38 to this date.

How to Make a Quality Comment


1. When doing comments you should be polite and complement the blogger. This is very important because this would make the blogger think they are doing well with their blog.

    2. Always proof read your comment for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization to make your comment correct and respectable.

    3. Also, giving the author new info is good because the author may have forgot something, or you just might know something they didn’t. If someone put info that is incorrect don’t say “you’re wrong…”, say something that won’t hurt as much like, “it doesn’t go quite like that, it goes like this…”. Make sure that no one has said what you are wanting to say, because this would be rewriting what someone else has already said.

    4. Fourth of all, make a connection with the author that both of you may have in common.  This comment method could start a conversion that leads to names, personalities, etc.

     5. Finally ask a question at the end of the comment, to see if the author might respond.  If they do, then you would start a conversation and these conversations could be nice and interesting, both the blogger and the commenter could learn from these conversations.

Bio Poem


curious, lazy, shy, intelligent

Sibling of Emma

lover of internet, Ark and the name Bob

Who feels tired to school, homework and Dalton

Who needs a lot of data, WiFi and electricity

who fears spiders and height and it

who would like to see a bear, kangaroo, and London

 who lives in Ohio